Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blizzard Bags

Blizzard Bags at Moultonborough School District.

What is a Blizzard Bag Day?
A Blizzard Bag Day is used when school is closed for weather or other conditions on a regular school day. Classroom teachers will have assignments or school work for students to complete at home on these days.  Students will work online and teachers will be available to assist students. Documents will also be available for students who do not have internet access. The Department of Education allows for up to 5 Blizzard Bag Days a school year. 

Why have a Blizzard Bag Day?
A Blizzard Bag Day allows our students and faculty to not have to make up a snow day in June. 

What does a Blizzard Bag Day Look like?
On a Blizzard Bag Day, families will receive a notification that school is not in session and that the day will be a Blizzard Bag Day.  Classroom teachers will have prepared materials and school work for students in advance. Teachers will be available online via email and our Learning Management System to assist students. About 4 hours of school work is the expected amount of time that students will work on school work. The same as an early release day. Extra time is given to complete work if needed.

What decides a Blizzard Bag Day? 
Generally a Blizzard Bag Day will not be called for on the first closure day. Consideration is given to whether a storm forecast may call for power outages in which case, a regular snow day is called. 

Applied for Blizzard Bags with state in school year 2014-15
Our Plan

School Year 2016-17: We used 4 blizzard Bags. See the summary presentation here: 
School Year 2017-18: we have used 2 Blizzard Bags so far

Blizzard Bags F.A.Q
Click on this link to get the Academy's F.A.Q.

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